Hungary: Orban hopes to sign a gas agreement with Russia this summer

Hungary hopes to sign a deal with Russia guaranteeing additional gas deliveries of around 700 million cubic meters by the end of the summer, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on the radio public Friday.

The two countries are in talks on possible deliveries that would complement the already existing long-term supply pact.

„Hungary will have enough gas,” said Viktor Orban.

„We are negotiating with the Russians to buy another 700 million cubic meters of gas, this agreement can be signed during the summer, then we will be safe,” he added.

According to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe, Hungary’s gas stocks are currently around 50% full, covering 29% of the country’s annual consumption.

European Union member Hungary has had what it calls pragmatic relations with Moscow since Russia invaded Ukraine, creating tension with some EU allies keen to take a more strict.

Caroline Alberta

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