Ionis Pharma: New data on Fesomersen – a new partner is to come after Bayer

Ionis Pharmaceuticals, the largest holding company in BB Biotech’s portfolio, has been in the news. The American biotech company today presented the results of a phase 2b study of fesomersene. The drug candidate is being developed as a factor XI production-reducing drug to prevent thrombosis – previously in collaboration with license partner Bayer, which also conducted the study. The study involved , hemodialysis patients with end-stage renal disease. „In the study, Fesomersen achieved its primary endpoint of major bleeding and clinically significant non-major bleeding (CRNM) over a 2 -week treatment period,” reports Ionis Pharma. Other learning objectives were also met. Fesomersen also demonstrated favorable safety and tolerability over a 8-week treatment period, according to the biotech company.

James Rogers

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