NASDAQ 100 Forecast: Plunges Through Broadening Wedge

Only when the market stabilizes and breaks above the 200-day EMA would I be very bullish on this market, and frankly, I believe we have a lot of work to do before we get close to this type. from the script. , The NASDAQ 100 is almost down on Thursday, down nearly % in the afternoon. The Fed and its statement/press conference crushed the last session of NASDAQ 100.After all, this is a very negative sign and it looks like we are ready to go much lower, maybe even 10,700. Advertisement Stock Markets Crash Again Buy Dips Now! The size of the candlestick is extremely negative and the fact that we are closing at the bottom of the candlestick is obviously a very negative sign, it suggests that we still have some way to go. The size of the candlesticks is impressive and will almost certainly attract a lot of people. The fact that we broke below the widening wedge also means we’re going lower, so now I think you probably have a selloff situation. However, Friday is a significant option deadline, so it’s hard to say how things will pan out. These days tend to be very wild, so you could see a bad turn in the recovery. However, a recovery showing signs of faltering would be a good selling opportunity from everything I see. I remain negative The 50-day EMA is just above the 11,600 level and may provide a short-term barrier. If we break above that, we will probably also offer resistance above the 12,000 level because we have formed a massive shooting star. This massive shooting star suggests there is plenty of resistance above, so even if we rally from here, I’m not looking for a buying opportunity. We also have to worry about liquidity because the market is more focused on holiday trading than anything else. After all, it looks like we’ve made a decision and now it looks like we’re set to continue the general downtrend we’ve seen for a while.Only if the market stabilizes and then breaks above the 200 day EMA would I be very bullish on this market and frankly I believe we have a lot of work to do before we get close to that. scenario type. That’s why I’m generally very negative.

James Rogers

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