The ruble strengthens against the dollar and the euro in early trading

The US dollar and the euro are lower on the Moscow Exchange on Thursday morning, the ruble is rising against the dual-currency basket ahead of the main July tax transfers next week.

The first transactions in the US dollar were in the range of 54.7-55.3 rubles/$1, according to the results of the first minute of trading, the rate was 54.77 rubles/$1 (-25 kopecks to the level of the previous close). At the same time, the euro fell to 55.8325 rubles/EUR1 (-49.75 kopecks by Wednesday’s close). The dual-currency basket ($0.55 and EUR0.45) decreased by 36.14 kopecks. to the closing level on July 20, to 55.25 rubles.

The dollar at the same time turned out to be 7.91 kopecks. below the level of the current official exchange rate, euro – by 0.65 kopecks. above the official rate.

James Rogers

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